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Epic Strings has been made out of our existing symphonic string recordings for Albion I Legacy (an early version of Albion, recorded at The Hall at AIR Studios). NEW: ORIGINALS DRUMLINE £29 $29 29€ — OUT NOWNEW: ORIGINALS DRUMLINE £29 $29 29€ — OUT NOW. Easy to use, and it sounds great. It should be relocated to the 'Spitfire Audio - LABS' folder. A 60-strong symphonic string section, featuring London’s best players. The new library runs in Spitfire‘s stand-alone plugin and is selling for $29. A close, delicate and detailed upright, performed by jazz legend and Mercury Prize nominee Gwilym Simcock.Recorded dry at Spitfire Studios, with soft felt placed between the hammers and the strings. NKS compatible. Recorded at Colorado Sound Studios. Achingly emotional and detailed performances. From close and intimate, to reverberant and enveloping. ~2.4GB. Six controls and effects. ~1.5GB. Introducing Spitfire Studio Strings — the first of our vital all-new Spitfire Orchestral series, and an incredibly versatile pro-end dry stage sample library, available in two versions: Spitfire Studio Strings, and Spitfire Studio Strings Professional. Dynamic and suspenseful dry stage orchestral innovation, inspired by the 'Psycho' composer, Spitfire Audio Holdings Ltd - Copyright © MMXXI - All Rights Reserved - Registered company 9857384 in England and Wales, NEW: ORIGINALS DRUMLINE £29 $29 29€ — OUT NOW, Spitfire Audio - Superior Sampling Since 2007. Don't specifically try and locate it to the individual patches ect. Spitfire promises […] Recorded by Russell Emanuel in the controlled acoustics of the Newman Stage, 20th Century Fox, for a tight, focused sound. Five presets. Small & detailed strings, recorded at AIR Studios, The professional version of one of our most popular libraries. Available in our free plug-in. Epic Brass & Woodwinds follows in the footsteps of Epic Strings. Close, Room and Pad signals. Small & detailed strings with extra mics & mixes, Versatile & definitive dry stage strings recorded at Air Studio One, Versatile & definitive dry stage strings, with extra mics, mixes & divisi, Inspiring chamber strings textures from the BAFTA-winning Icelandic composer, An epic orchestra of innovative liquid textures. • Select AU Instruments > Spitfire Audio > Originals - Epic Strings. The goal is a more Chamber-like ensemble. A 60-strong symphonic string section, featuring London’s best players. Six essential articulations. In case you missed it in the “black weekend” madness Spitfire Audio has released a new string library, EPIC STRINGS.. :) Posted on Sat, Sep 24 2011 14:27 by SJSF Joined on Sat, Sep 18 2010 ... my only owning the Special Edition, SE Strings Plus, Fanfare Trumpets, and Epic Horns dwarf any other library's ability to sound real. Chamber section (8,6,4,4,3) featuring 25 of London’s finest string players. Available in our free plug-in. ~2 GB. It’s no surprise … Available in our free plug-in. Both of their new Studio Strings libraries, along with the revamped and re-released eDNA Earth library, are available on Native Instruments’ Kontakt platform, while the new Eric Whitacre Choir library was created as a dedicated plugin. Close, Room & Distorted signals. NEW: ORIGINALS DRUMLINE £29 $29 29€ — OUT NOWNEW: ORIGINALS DRUMLINE £29 $29 29€ — OUT NOW. The interface is almost identical. Just the whole folder. Products and Collections that include strings alongside other sounds. Ten presets, from dry and close, to reverberant and pad-like. Are you taking an orchestral scoring course? I see that more advanced Spitfire products have the capability to change articulations via MIDI with something called keyswitches. Six controls. Close, Room & Stretch signals. CUBASE • Right-click the track window and choose ‘Add Instrument Track’ • Underneath the ‘Instrument’ dropdown, choose Originals - Epic Strings • Select ‘Add Track’ PRO TOOLS • Go to the ‘Track’ menu at the top of the screen, and select ‘New’ ~1.4GB. I also have no red keys. I have included the “How it works” video above but check out the official press release below or the product page for more official videos and information. I would love to use this feature with Epic Strings and Epic Brass but I'm not sure that it's available. Comment actions Permalink. This new library, Intimate Strings, focuses on a smaller ensemble – 25 players as opposed to Epic String’s 60 players. Have you wanted to try your hand at some orchestral music? YOUR CREATIVITY, YOUR CONTROL. Recorded in the reverberant acoustics of AIR Studios, London. Spitfire Audio has announced availability of EPIC STRINGS — a symphonic-sized string section. ~1.5GB. Epic … 2. Spitfire Audio’s self-proclaimed “ encyclopedic compendium of strings” is exactly that – a truly extensive scoring tool for any compositional need. Vintage character, timeless sound. 344 String players performing a range of playing techniques. Now available in our free plug-in. VI Pro 2.0 is now out and it is even more phenominal. Yes, I’ll say it: a more intimate sound. Close, Room & Stretch signals. Symphonic Strings has an introductory price of €599.00 ($636.00) which will lift up to a regular price of €799.00 ($848.00) thereafter. Nine presets. And they priced it at £29 GBP / $29 USD / €29 EUR. Groundbreaking string sampling. In this episode I will show you how Epic Strings by Spitfire Audio can sound.I have written short composition to test different articulation. 9 essential and extended techniques including Flautando, Half-Section, and Harmonics. Everything you need to score a film: An orchestra, percussion, loops and synths. Spitfire Audio Holdings Ltd - Copyright © MMXXI - All Rights Reserved - Registered company 9857384 in England and Wales, NEW: ORIGINALS DRUMLINE £29 $29 29€ — OUT NOW, Spitfire Audio - Superior Sampling Since 2007. This track took less than 30mins to create. To reiterate; Opened up the Spitfire Audio plugin, selected the instruments, bottom right is a little cog. Seven presets, featuring various instruments and effects including epic ‘Earthquake’ Hits and Swells. Spitfire Audio has released Intimate Strings, a plugin featuring the company’s first flautando recordings, recorded at London’s legendary AIR Studios. If you watch a ton of superhero movies, don't buy this. Achingly emotional and detailed performances. Or maybe you want to recreate the Star Wars theme for a costume party? 11 essential articulations. 11 essential articulations. For instance, in Spitfire Chamber Strings, violins 1, I'm not seeing any red keys. Five controls and effects. The world’s most popular piano plug-in — LABS Soft Piano — reborn.A felted upright Yamaha U3. Both Spitfire Audio and Orchestral Tools produced multiple “all in one” libraries, but for the purpose of this article, I will focus on three (well, four) libraries: Symphobia 1 and 2, Albion One, and Metropolis Ark 1, assuming that you’re interested in producing more epic and more powerful orchestral music, and you’re a … The spirit of the stadium.An extensively sampled collection of marching band percussion, made in collaboration with Bleeding Fingers. Condenser, Ribbon, and Hammers signals. Featuring 16 1st Violins, 14 2nd Violins, 12 Violas, 10 Cellos and eight Basses, the library provides a full, rich sound with plenty of natural reverb. Close, Room & Distorted signals. Long, haunting & intensely beautiful chamber evolutions, A 100-piece orchestra playing progressive techniques to capture a haunting, Scandinavian sound, Tense, scary, spine-tingling chamber string evolutions. Performed by world champion drum corps, the Blue Devils. The Presets are similar. In fact the similarities are striking. Spitfire themselves, however, do stress that the intensive resource demands of Hans Zimmer Strings are being addressed and further updates will smooth out some, if not all, of these technical issues. Five presets, including Felt and Warps. Available in our free plug-in. Spitfire Symphonic String Libraries are created using the worlds best players, available on Kontakt, Kontakt Player and stand-alone free plugins. If you like Burt Bacharach or want an orchestra for a prog rock album, this is it. Russell Pay July 12, 2019 11:49; As Bruce asks, how on earth do you actually switch on the keyswitches? Smaller ensembles of detailed and intimate strings. An infinite series of free software instruments, made by musicians and sampling experts in London, for anyone, anywhere. London’s best symphonic brass and woodwinds sections. Presented in our own plug-in, they are easy to use, and compatible with any DAW. Recorded in the reverberant acoustics of AIR Studios, London. NKS compatible. ADSR and sustain pedal level control. London’s best percussion players. Created this short cinematic short track using Spitfire Audio Epic Strings and brass from BBCSO Discover. This looks to part of a new series called “Originals” and the promotional page already has 3 “coming soon” pictures listing Epic Brass/Winds, Drums and Cinematic Loops. The idea was to provide a basic set of string sounds with the quality of a major string … The ultimate symphonic strings for that definitive blockbuster sound, Beautiful, instantly playable symphonic string textures, A highly-playable orchestra from the home of hit film scores (Star Wars, Black Panther), The world-famous orchestra, housed inside our award-winning standalone plugin, One of our most popular libraries. NEW: ORIGINALS DRUMLINE £29 $29 29€ — OUT NOW NEW: ORIGINALS DRUMLINE £29 $29 29€ — OUT NOW Performed by Jeremiah Fraites of The Lumineers. Hit it and locate it to where your folder is for the plugins. Recorded in the reverberant acoustics of AIR Studios, London. Okay, forget that last question … although you could easily do that brass theme with this library. Features snares, tenor drums, bass drums & cymbals. Available in our free plug-in. Available in our free plug-in. Spitfire Strings, Brass and Woods not sold. Articulation keyswitches for Epic Originals? NKS compatible. Spitfire Chamber Strings having the more epic out of the box hall sound, yet a bit more detail in the sound of the performances (owing to the smaller sections) while the scripting in Berlin Strings has a bit of an edge in terms of agility and customization (most notably in regards to dynamics). :) $19k - it's just a joke. Expertly recorded in the reverberant acoustics of AIR Studios, home of blockbuster scores. Today we are taking a look at 3 exciting new products from British sample library developer, Spitfire Audio. And the sounds in Epic Brass & Woodwinds blend well with Epic Strings. Spitfire Symphonic Strings brings you the same players, playing the same instruments, in the same space. Orchestral Tools LayersOrchestral Tools is a high quality orchestral library creator. Yes. ~7.45GB. Innovative techniques to spark new ideas. The essential solo accompaniment to our orchestral ranges, featuring the finest London virtuosos, Ultra-modern, cutting edge chamber strings, Innovative solo strings from four of London’s finest players, The ultimate string quartet writing toolkit, recorded at London's famous Wigmore Hall, Haunting frozen string evolutions curated by artist & composer Ólafur Arnalds, Your score in an instant, made in collaboration with composer Samuel Sim. Inaugurating Spitfire Audio’s new series of ORIG!NALS instant writing tools, then, EPIC STRINGS surely is an instant winner, with wallet-friendly pricing to make sure that taking that next step up from the British music technology company’s established entry-level LABS series of free sample-based virtual instruments is as painless as possible. Using Kontakt 5.6.1 in Pro Tools 11.1.2, Mac OS 10.10.5. Reverb, High Pass & Low Pass Filter controls. Boom. Dynamic brass & woods, for power and punch. Brass and winds are good and fit right in. Originals Epic Strings was my first introduction to the series, and wow! In this plugin, Hans Zimmer continues his collaboration with Spitfire presenting an instrument capable of soaring epic string sections that are dripping with cinematic texture. This is what they have to say… ORIG!NALS are wallet-friendly yet eminently essential cinematic ingredients for any professional or budding professional composer and music-maker, meticulously captured for superlative sampling in … Available in our easy-to-use plug-in. ~3GB. Articulations include the standard fare plus things like col legno tratto (bowing with the wood) and a few other special effect gestures like … ~3.4GB. Close, Tree & Vintage signals. Let me go ah… ~2.4GB. Enter Spitfire Audio’s Originals – Epic Strings. Recorded at Air Studio One, a smaller, more controllable space than the opulent Lyndhurst Hall, we offer our fellow composers a string … Spitfire Audio made, in my opinion, a masterful decision to develop a great sounding, yet simple, string instrument. Recorded at London's AIR Studios, for widescreen dramatic effect. It was impressive! Recorded in the reverberant acoustics of AIR Studios, London. Symphonic strings, Symphonic brass, Symphonic woodwinds & Masse. NKS compatible. A detailed upright piano, with a cracked bridge, creating unique resonances. Strings are great, and at 200+ gigs almost half the library (there is no percussion etc, just strings/winds/brass). Just saw the news that Spitfire Audio has released a new library, Epic Strings with little of the usual Spitfire fanfare – but we couldn’t be more excited about this announcement!. And in case you missed it — they're all free. Frequently asked questions about Spitfire Originals. 19 players. They tell us that this inaugurates its new ORIG!NALS series. Three signals.

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